Blvd Customs

Recent Projects

Date: 2009-01-18

Late last year Spike and his crew put in the serious OT doing intererior completion on some limo conversions, broadening their already

expansive repertoire yet again. This was capped off by Blvd Customs being responsible for the completion of a pair of Bomb Proof Suburbans built by Armet Armored Vehicles. They were in the process of moving their Largo facility to Virginia (now WHY would you wanna do THAT?!?!) and needed someone who could deliver under the gun, so to speak. These vehicles, we are told, are now in the possession of a major Middle Eastern leader. We were excited and honored to be chosen.

Our current "long term project" is a brand new Saleen Mustang. This one is incorporating a LOT of different Blvd Customs improvements! External lighting cues, appearance enhancements, security, and a speed radar & laser "ESM/ECM" suite; all this and more is going into this ride.

And, of course, a serious custom A/V System. Work procedes on the large scale sound damping, custom speaker locations, and a trunk that we are really excited about. Reference quality sound, massive bass, and theatre 4.1 surround are all going to be available 

at the tap of a touchscreen when we're done. Aamp of America/Stinger wants to use it in their booth at the prestigious Spring Break Nationals, so we are working like gangbusters to get it done without compromising the quality. This one is a full-team effort, with Chris and Zach

leading the design in their respective areas and Spike and Danny tasked with making their visions concrete. Swing by to take a look. 

Pics of this one are now in the gallery!